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-FERTEK Textile was established in 1993 within its own structure. It serves its customers in European markets with its developing and innovative approach.

-FERTEK has 80% top group and 20% lower group products. Weaving group in the sector with the developing and innovative approach serves customers in European markets. FERTEK TEXTILE monthly production is 4,000 - 7,000 units. The company's first 7 years of production-based high performance has made it a locally recognized and preferred manufacturer. Opened to the world since 1993, the company has continued to create collections that fully meet the expectations of its customers by combining its model design skills with original creativity. 

-FERTEK TEXTILE adopts compliance with the expectations of the environment and employees in accordance with social and ethical rules as one of the main activity principles and realizes all activities with this awareness. It respects the fundamental rights and freedoms of its employees and provides all its legal rights to its employees.

-With its history, FERTEK TEXTILE defines itself with its philosophy of perfection, which has a high level of experience in all areas of the world of weaving, from production to design, from packaging to shipment. As FERTEK TEXTILE, our target is at the top of the service world by combining production, design, technology and imagination with absolute quality pot. In line with this philosophy, FERTEK TEXTILE believes in teamwork. It uses high technology at every stage of production.It closely follows all trends in the sector from design to fabric. In a sector where the quality of production is constantly improving, the company draws a steadily rising graph, owing to its design excitement, teamwork that strengthens collective consciousness and professionalism reflected in every stage of production. FERTEK, which determines the needs of the customer meticulously, combines the new fabric qualities and reflects them to their collections…

-Our Vision

European Brands is a design and production office which is preferred among high quality and street retailers.

-Our Mission

Fabric, Wash, Garment, Accessories and Fashion constantly research and develop new ideas and contribute to the development of the industry. 

-Our quality policy

Our company's policy is to carry out the production in accordance with the legal regulations and conditions and to provide the best service by always giving priority to the continuous improvement of our quality management system by ensuring customer satisfaction in the textile sector.
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+90 212 641 32 00
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